is a virtual library of CC by-sa digital art.  

The wiki albums of various co-creation projects are already available on the wiki.

Think of a wiki album is an index of the works shared in a co-creation product or the derived works of an artwork.

It’s all about the CC by-sa license which permits and encourages all kinds of mixing, remixing, derived works and co-creation.In the musical wiki albums the inividual tracks are available for downloading so that you can record your own tracks, Bass, voice etc. upload them to the web and share the link on the wiki. by clicking on share link.

Wiki Albums.

Mudrose: Wiki Album Mudrose + The Amaroses = Mudrose. Demelza Cruz, Rodrigo Liete and Luke “Mudwalker” Donovan have co-composed 6 songs. Folk Rock, country and grunge with one fully electric grunge-rock song on what was suppossed to be a sweet acoustic thang.

Mudwalker: Wikialbum Twelve songs by Luke “Mudwalker” Donovan. Guitar and vocal. A bunch of these songs are being electro-glitch-popped by Audiolips, Welcome to be a part of the band.

Okupalipsis: Cyber punk comedy web series.  In a mad experiment the Private Property Gene has been retro-activated and inserted into the Salmonela virus!!



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