Mudwalker: The Movie


Born from the idea that a great location, a skeleton film crew, a character, an actor and a basic premise is enough to start filming, the story of Mudwalker is being discovered as it is being filmed.. It’s a mystic science fiction adventure that experiments with the idea of infinite perspectives, parallel universes and those books you read as a kid where you choose your own adventure. It’s a game and everyone’s invited to play. The material is CC by-sa free license so you can do what you like with it and/or get involved in the creation of the story and the filming of the movie.

“This could turn out to be a story without a beginning or an end! Like a tree with infinite branches and infinite roots! We hope that people get involved on all levels in all kinds of ways. That’s what it’s all about. The basic premise of the story and the licenses combine to make that possible.” Luke Donovan.


All aspects of the story and filming are open to collaboration. All the material is open licence (CC by-sa) for your use and enjoyment. Becoming a member of the open collective as simple as contributing or using something.

We are deliberately pre-releasing Mudwalker without a musical soundtrack in order to encourage musicians and producers to contribute their CC by-sa music. Think of it as a ready made video clip! We will use the music that best fits our feeling and vision but that doesn’t stop you releasing your own version with your music or the music you like.


Just like in a role playing game we are making up the story as we go along, so new characters and plot lines can be invented at any time. Create your own characters and crew and film a parallel story that meets and intertwines twith other plotlines.

I’ll be honest. I’m kinda hoping some artists in Japan will film something and then invite us to film with them.

Don’t worry if it gets weird. Parallel universes!And spacetime doors

You can work independently or in communication with us and other members of the collective. How do you become a member of the collective? Easy… contribute or use something!


The pilot episode has been shot on location in the Sahara Desert in Morocco and in Madrid, Spain. The story and material are free license CC by-sa and will be available at Everything will probably make a bit more sense when you see the first episode.



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