Mudwalker Open Collective

is made up of whoever uses or contributes to…

Mudwalker Open Collection

a collection of music, video, images, sounds and all forms of digitalized art shared on the web under the CC by-sa3.0 License.

Mudwalker the Avatar

is the alter ego of Luke Donovan.

Mudwalker the Songwriter

contributes songs written by himself and with fellow artists to Mudwalker Open Collection.

Mudwalker the Singer

adds voices and lyrics to free license songs, beats, electronic tunes.

Mudwalker the Actor

plays Mudwalker in

Mudwalker the Movie

an interactive, co-creation wikimedia film.

Mudwalker says

I dreamed of Musicians from all over the world playing music, composing and creating together.

Traditional copyright makes this practically impossible but if we use the license that wikimedia uses, cc by-sa it’s no problem.

Seed works and derived works under CC by-sa.

Seed works are those works whose license allows derived works (making changes is allowed). This allows cool things like…

You rework the lyrics to “Soul Pilot” by Mudwalker, someone takes your version and changes the music, an upcoming rapper uses that as the chorus to a rap song.

Raju in New Delhi takes a photo of a sword which he licenses CC by-sa and shares it in the Image collection of the song “Bring a Sword”. Now you add effects and then Sonia in New Zealand uses your manipulated image to design a cover for “Bring a Sword”

Hiro in Tokyo wants to be in Mudwalker so he gets together a small team and together they write and shoot some scenes which introduce Hiro’s character. Six months later Hiro meets up with Mudwalker other actors from around the world in Katmandu to shoot a scene for Mudwalker.

Working together with other artists we co-create works of art.

There’s no boss. To work together we must communicate and reach an agreement.

There is no official version, rather an infinity of possible versions.

You or anyone, makes the changes or adaptations that you want to. No limits, no rules. Can you imagine it? As long as you respect the CC by-sa license you can do it.

What is CC by-sa?

CC = Creative Commons.

BY means you must give credit to the authors of a work you use. All of them!

SA stands for Share Alike which means that derived works automatically take the same license.

Note: There is no “No commercial use” clause in this license. That is so that the works can more freely flow and evolve and so that those who contribute have the right to use the work without paying. This license eliminates royalties.


Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository making available public domain and freely-licensed educational media content (images, sound and video clips) to everyone.

Whether hosted on wikimedia or not, all the material in the Mudwalker Open Collection can be considered wikimedia.

Is a wiki dedicated to indexing the Mudwalker Open Collection and other similar collections. Feel free to start your own! The mudwalker Open Collection is an experimental prototype!




Read this to really understand the license



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